Graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist, currently living and working in Serra da Mantiqueira. My passion for design and arts, in a career that has spanned 25 years, has led my creations to be recognized and awarded in Brazil and abroad. MTV, brought PROMAX BDA (Los Angeles), Record Label TRAMA, brought the Brazilian Design Biennial (ADG). I’m also a cataloged designer in the Atlas of Graphic Designers (USA) and Drawing for Graphic Design, by Timothy Samara (USA). I was also published in Experimenta (Spain) and On Air (Germany) in addition to the newspaper Libération (France) and the magazine Étapes (France). My interest in different media made my work gain relevance in print, internet and TV. My professional career has covered relevant places such as the Trama, MTV and Editora Abril. I was the youngest participant in the Brazilian Design without Borders exhibition at MAM (São Paulo Museum of Modern Art), curated by Adélia Borges. I taught at Miami Ad School (SP/Brazil) and at IED – European Institute of Design (SP/Brazil). Among other relevant works, I created - in my own studio - ten editions of FILE – Electronic Language Festival (SP/Brazil), as well as projects for MASP, Itaú Cultural and Sesc SP. Now I work surrounded by lots of greenery, silence, my family, dog and five cats. All of this is certainly reflected in current design and visual identity projects, including the Mantiqueira Literary Festival (FLIMA) as well as in my collages and authorial brand: Ufa Mulufa (
PROMAX BDA (Los Angeles)
5th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial (Brazil)
6th Graphic Design Biennial (Brazil)
10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial (Brazil)
Altas Graphic Designers (USA)
Drawing Graphic Design (USA)
 El Mejor Diseño Graphic of Latin America and the Caribbean (Latin America and the Caribbean)
Experimenta (Spain)
Sushi9 (Germany)
 Disorder in Progress (Germany)
Los Logos (Germany)
DSGN-Book Complex (Brazil)
How International (USA)
Illustrating in a Magazine (Brazil)
Complexo12/Resfest (Brazil)
Libération (France)
On Air (Germany)
Étapes (France)
Box 3/Base-V (Brazil-Argentina)
Illustrating in Magazine (SP/Brasil)
Complex 12/Resfest (SP/Brasil)
Emma Thomas Art Gallery (SP/Brasil)
Base V - Box 3 (São Paulo/Argentina)
MAM - Modern Art Museum of São Paulo (Brasil)
Lectures and workshops
Pixel Show
Felícia Leirner Museum
Boa Vista Palace - Winter Cultural Festival
Flima - Mantiqueira Literary Festival
CEU - Perus (for public school teachers)
 As master
IED - European Institute of Design (Brazil)
MIAMI Ad School (Brazil)

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